Academy Of Regional Anaesthesia Of India


AORA Fellowship

We are delighted to witness that AORA INDIA is embarking upon another milestone. We are all set to embark on "AORA PAN INDIA" fellowships.

Mission Statement

To learn, teach, research and innovate regional anaesthesia throughout india and empower us to benefit our patients through this service.

Objectives of the academy

To seek affiliation with national and international association and societies or similar bodies to achieve the objectives of the "Academy of Regional Anaesthesia" of India.


Why Academy of
regional anaesthesia?

Regional anaesthesia plays a spectacular role in every day work of an anaesthesiologist. This subject has to be learnt and taught in a systematic way so that no longer it remains an art in the hands of few. The "Academy Of Regional Anaesthesia" of India has been established with this strong vision. Regional anaesthesia is a science which can be mastered with systematic teaching and permanent practise! This very science can progress with research, with its ultimate goal being better patient care...

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