Academy Of Regional Anaesthesia Of India


Why Academy of Regional Anaesthesia?

Regional anaesthesia plays a spectacular role in every day work of an anaesthesiologist. This subject has to be learnt and taught in a systematic way so that no longer it remains an art in the hands of few. The “Academy Of Regional Anaesthesia” of India has been established with this strong vision. Regional anaesthesia is a science which can be mastered with systematic teaching and permanent practise! This very science can progress with research, with its ultimate goal being better patient care.

It’s needless to say how many high risk surgeries have been made safer with regional anaesthesia day in and day out. If any anaesthesiologist in this vast country has a desire to learn and teach this splendid subject, Academy of Regional Anaesthesia can be a perfect support system. We are also aware that the hall mark of real growth is connecting to people. Under the banner of AORA, all of us who have an unrelenting passion to learn and teach regional anaesthesia can connect with each other, grow and deliver their very best to patient's not - withstanding, geographical locations and infrastructures of the given places.

AORA intends to have regular teaching courses, establish teaching centers and percolates knowledge to the best to all of us who have a thirst to learn. After all the best anti aging pill is relentless learning! The final destination off course is to deliver the best to the patients. We hope we achieve what we have set out for!

With enthusiasm,

Dr Vrushali Ponde

Mission Statement

To learn, teach, research and innovate regional anaesthesia throughout India and empower us to benefit our patients through this service.

Objectives of the academy

  • To promote academic and scientific activity in the field of regional anaesthesia and USGRA.
  • To encourage research in the field of regional anaesthesia and USGRA.
  • To organise continuing medical education and training programmes meeting and conferences in this subjects.
  • To publish scientific papers, journals monographs and textbooks aimed at upgrading knowledge and skills.
  • To seek affiliation with national and international association and societies or similar bodies to achieve the objectives of the "Academy of Regional Anaesthesia" of India.
  • To generate funds to carry out the objectives of the academy.