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Aora India 2012 Conference Video Gallery

Physiology of Nerve Conduction &  Mechanism of Local Anaesthetic action Dr. Muralidhar Thondebhave, Bangalore
Essentials in Regional Anaesthesia Dr. Balavenkat, Coimbatore
 Fascial Planes : Implications in Regional Anaesthesia Dr. Sandeep Diwan, Miraj
Role of Adjuvants in Regional Anaesthesia Dr. Adrian Bosenberg, USA
A Surgeon's Perspective of Regional Anaesthesia Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy, Coimbatore
Electrical Nerve Locators - Physics & Physiology Dr. Subbiah Chelliah, Coimbatore
Tips & Tricks in Ultrasound guided Regional Anaesthesia Dr. Sugantha Ganapathy,Canada
AORA ORATION : “Regional Anaesthesia”  -  Techniques to improve post-operative outcome Dr. Narinder Rawal, Sweden
Recent Advances in Regional Anaesthesia Dr. TVS Gopal, Hyderabad
Perineural Catheters - How to place them precisely? Dr. Lakshmi Vas, Mumbai
LAST : Current Thinking Dr. Vrushali Ponde, Mumbai
Neurological Injuries - How to prevent them? Dr. Rajashekara Reddy, UK
Anticoagulation and Regional Anaesthesia Dr. Sunil Pandya, Hyderabad
Live Workshop Faculty:
Dr. Sugantha Ganapathy
Dr. TVS Gopal
Dr. Sandeep Diwan
Dr. J Balavenkat
Dr. Vrushali Ponde
Dr. Adrian Bosenberg
Dr. Silamban
Applied Anatomy of  Upper Limb:    
Brachial Plexus Dr. G. Venkateswaran, Coimbatore
Nerves around the elbow & wrist Dr. Guruprasad, Gadag
Applied Anatomy of Lower Limb:    
Sciatic Nerve Dr. Indu Sen, Chandigarh
Applied Anatomy in Truncal Blocks Dr. Prakash Deshmukh,Mumbai
Benefits of Regional Anaesthesia in neonates - infantsand children Dr. Adrian Bosenberg, USA
Regional Anaesthesia in Trauma Dr. Ravindra Bhat, Coimbatore
Continuous TAP Block Dr. Sugantha Ganapathy, Canada
Strategies to prevent chronic postoperative pain Dr. Narinder Rawal, Sweden
TNS : Does it exist? Dr Anita Shenoy, Manipal
Techniques in Regional Anaesthesia for shoulder surgery  Dr. Manikandan, Coimbatore
CSEA  for Orthopaedic procedures  Dr. Vasanthi Vidhyasagaran, Chennai
Haemodynamics after central neuraxial blocks - New insights  Dr. V.K. Arya, Chandigarh
PDPH - What is new?  Dr. Kalpana Khelkar, Pune
Regional Anaesthesia for ambulatory surgery  Dr. Sugantha Ganapathy, Canada
Regional Anaesthesia for Hip Surgery     
Epidural is the best Dr. Ashit Mehta, Solapur
Lumbar Plexus is the best Dr. Sandeep Diwan, Miraj
Can Regional Anaesthesia be administered in     
patient with difficult airway     
Yes Dr. Sandeep Diwan, Miraj
No Dr. Rupinder, Ludhiana

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